Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1 is now available. Click the Current Issue link to download the Inaugural issue.

  • Gary D. Beckman – What Arts Entrepreneurship Isn’t
  • Jonathan Gangi – Arts Entrepreneurship: An Essential Subsystem of the Artist’s Meta-Praxis
  • James D. Hart – Arts Entrepreneurship and the Hero’s Adventure
  • Laine Goldman – The Liminal Freelance Landscape: Geography, Proximity and Community


The Journal is currently accepting submissions for Volume 1, Issue 2 with a submission deadline of September 30, 2014.

As a a peer-reviewed online publication, the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Research is intended for an academic and emerging educator audience.  Each associate editor and editorial board member possesses university affiliation.  Gary D. Beckman, director of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Arts at North Carolina State University serves as executive editor.

Please direct all inquires to gdbeckma@ncsu.edu.

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